CQC EV Charging Station (CNAS Accreditation) Inspection

Recently, CQC's on-site inspection of EV charging stations was officially accredited by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS).

As the domestic EV industry is booming, the construction of EV charging stations is in full swing in various places. Similar to the emphasis placed on safety management by automobile gas stations, the charging stations building and operation have better safety guarantees and are expected to provide safe and high-quality charging services. Therefore, a large number of clients have entrusted CQC to conduct post-construction inspections and annual inspections for the charging station projects to confirm that various safety measures are precise and effective.

CQC's charging station inspection have been implemented and managed in accordance with ISO/IEC17020 requirements since the very beginning and established the inspection management system in addition to the existing certification system to train inspectors, manage testing equipment, and improve inspection process control. After several years of running-in and continuous improvement, the inspection system has become increasingly mature. Through the expert review organized by CNAS, the national accreditation demonstrates once again that CQC's charging station inspection meets the requirements of ISO/IEC17020.

In the past few years, CQC's inspection system has been operated and implemented in strict accordance with scientific international standards, providing a large number of charging station inspection services for governments, car companies, operators and other customers, and issuing inspection reports with credibility and professionalism to ensure charging safety and project's quality.

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