CCIC provide an extensive range of solutions to the Agro Commodity Industry. Our expertise includes bulk cargo inspection of agricultural products, quality control, supervision of loading/discharge and other related services.

In order to represent our principals and certify quantity and quality of Agro Commodities during loading and discharge of vessels, CCIC has a network of specialists and laboratories in major ports to ensure contractual terms are complied with on a 24/7 basis. With our experience in handling operations, we can offer services to mitigate the risks our principals face. With FOG (full outturn guarantee) type of services, CCIC covers and takes full responsibilities for discrepancies in weight between loading and discharge.

CCIC Singapore also happens to be a Superintendent Member of the Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations Limited (FOSFA).

Our Services

  • Cleanliness Inspections
  • FOG
  • Collateral Management and Warehousing
  • Fumigation
  • Weighing and sampling
  • Supervision of Loading and Discharge
  • Testing and Analysis
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Collateral Management & Warehousing

CCIC’s collateral management and warehousing solutions are aimed at reducing our customers’ operating risk by ensuring that their commodities are:-

  • Stored under safe custody;
  • Meets contractual requirements;
  • Distributed and managed efficiently, safely and in strict accordance to pre-arranged requirements.

Through our collateral management services we assure our customers the availability and distribution of their goods safely and efficiently thereby minimizing any threats of financial loss. A collateral management agreement with CCIC provides our customers’ clear legal title as owners or pledgees, by virtue of having possession of the commodities.

We act as the custodian of the commodities, taking exclusive possession of them until they are sold or exported. We can provide solutions to hold and safeguard them in warehouses or other independent storage facilities that are completely under our control. We will be able to issue title documents or non-negotiable receipts for the goods under our exclusive possession and control, depending on the local laws and the collateral management agreement with us.

Port Operations

The Port Operation Division of CCIC deals with diverse agriculture-commodities such as soybean meal, sugar, wheat, soybeans, corn. The use of modern instrumentation and skilled personnel allows us to offer first class services, reliable and fast at any stage of the processes of import or export requiring quality supervision.

Our Agriculture Inspection services include:

  • Loading and discharge supervision
  • Supervision of weighing
  • Contractual sampling and sealing
  • Temperature control
  • Draught survey and tank gauging
  • Hold inspections
  • Tally control
  • Storage management and stock control
  • Damage surveys
  • Testing and analysis

CCIC also acts on containerized cargo inspections for general cargoes and agriculture-commodities.

Our containers service include:

  • Inspection of containers prior to stuffing and un-stuffing.
  • Record, tally and condition of cargoes during stuffing and un-stuffing.
  • Cross-docking inspections.
  • Inspection of damaged containers and supervision of repairs and post-repairs.
  • Inspection during loading and discharge of containers from vessel
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