CE marking is the “passport” for products to enter into the markets of EU countries and EU Free Trade Association countries. According to the new legislative framework of the EU regulations or the directives for products, before launched into markets , products in and outside EU countries must comply with the requirements of the relevant technical regulations and directives and put on CE markings. Starting from July 16, 2021, regulated by EU EU2019/1020, most of the goods with CE marks could only be placed on the market only if there is an economic operator established in the Union who is responsible for the tasks set out in respect of that product. The economic operators fall into the following categories:
(a) Manufacturers in the EU
(b) Importers
(c) Authorized representatives
(d) A fulfilment service provider established in the Union with respect to the products it handles, where no other economic operator as mentioned in points (a), (b) and (c) is established in the Union.

These are the countries requiring CE Markings:

1. All countries within the economic region of Europe.
2. Members of the European Free Trade Association mainly include Switzerland, Iceland and Norway.

The following products that need CE Markings:

Electrical products, mechanical products, toys, radio and telecommunications terminal equipment, refrigeration and freezing equipment, personal protection equipment, simple pressure vessels, hot water boilers, pressure equipment, civilian explosives, pleasure boats, construction products, in vitro diagnostic medical devices, implantable medical devices, medical electrical equipment, lifting equipment, gas equipment, non-automatic scales, equipment and protection systems for use in explosive environments.

CQC provides CE marking conformity assessment services for exporters of low-voltage equipment, toys and other products. The service specifically contains offering exporters to EU conformity assessment of safety, electromagnetic compatibility, RoHS and other items of CE marking, ensuring that exported EU products meet the requirements of EU technical regulations and directives and avoiding risks of return and recall caused by non-compliance.

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