As an important supporting facility in EV industry, EV charging facilities have boomed in recent years; however, at the same time, charging facilities have certain safety risks. As early as 2015, CQC made a layout and developed a number of projects for charging facilities, mainly including product certification and technical services:

In terms of product certification projects, CQC has completed the certification project of DC charging piles; AC charging pile; ICCPD; charging gun; charging cables and charging interfaces, which provided significant support for improving the quality of the industry. Regarding to product certification of charging facilities, CQC has the most complete qualifications in China, including:  CQC certification; Charging Alliance Mark evaluation; Energy Saving certification of charging equipment products; IECEE CB certification and other certification services.

In terms of technical services, CQC developed personalized solutions according to the needs of the industry and the special requirements of clients to provide on-site technical services for enterprises and the government, which are mainly divided into two aspects: on-site inspection of public charging stations for the government, large-scale energy operators, high-end real estate; Installation inspection and quality improvement services for self-use charging facilities for new energy vehicle enterprises.

Since 2015, CQC has provided technical services related to charging facilities for many governments and enterprises, and has been unanimously recognized by the whole industry.

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