In the field of construction, CQC can provide construction services in the scope of green buildings, healthy buildings, and building energy efficiency where it can conduct certification, evaluation, and consultation to offer enterprises customized quality services.

  1. Certification:

In 2017, CQC obtained the certification qualification for non-transportable products involved in the product formation process in GB/T 7635.2 from the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China and the Chinese Certification and Accreditation Association, and officially began to accept applications for the certification of healthy building leader.

2. Evaluation:

CQC’s ongoing evaluation business includes the British green building BREEAM evaluation and nearly zero energy building evaluation, and the zero-carbon building evaluation and government procurement green building evaluation will be launched soon.

3. Consultation:

CQC has a number of BREEAM assessors, BREEAM AP, LEED AP, and experts in building energy consumption simulation, system certification, and product certification. CQC can provide clients with consultation work on architectural design, construction, materials selection, energy system optimization, green building label declaration, demonstration building declaration in the fields of green buildings, healthy buildings, and building energy efficiency, and can also develop comprehensive solutions for British BREEAM, American LEED, American WELL, healthy buildings, national standard green construction, and building energy efficiency.

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