In recent years, with the accelerated progress in the new infrastructure construction, the arithmetic infrastructure represented by data centers and intelligent computing centers thrived unprecedentedly. Responding to the guidance by national policy and catering to the market’s demands, CQC launched data center service covering design, manufacturing, energy saving as well as operation and maintenance. The service provided by CQC spans the whole life cycle ranging from design, construction delivery to perpetual operation and maintenance.

CQC data center provides services including infrastructure certification at the data center site, information system room power and environment system certification, data center energy saving certification, data center infrastructure operation and maintenance evaluation, data center design evaluation and other certification programs. Based on GB50174-2017 (Data Center Design Specification), GB/T 32910.3 (Data Center Resource Utilization Part 3: Electrical Energy Efficiency Requirements and Measurement Methods), GB/T 33136 (Data Center Service Capability Maturity Model for Information Technology Services), GB/T 51314 (Data Center Infrastructure Operation and Maintenance Standards) and other industrial common standards. By virtue of the standardized testing methods and technical requirements and the standard-meeting procedures involving testing, certification, CQC issued highly-credible certificates, gaining wide-spread approval from all walks of life.

CQC data center provides a whole life-cycle service, pursuing further industrial development, improving quality and efficiency. With safeguarding quality as the mission, CQC will play a better role in fostering a rapid and healthy industrial development with its professional, efficient and quality services, securing the boom of new infrastructure construction.

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