As a globally renowned third-party certification body, CQC has been contributing to the development of new energy industry and power development, and have established a sophisticated whole-industry-chain, whole-process quality assurance system of PV and wind power generation. In the meanwhile, in order to better serve the need of electrical energy storage industry, CQC has been working actively on developing certification and evaluation system of energy storage product in China, putting out safety and performance certification services targeting on lead-carbon battery, lithium ion battery, power conversion system, battery management system, energy storage system and collaborating closely with a number of clients in related industry on certification and evaluation, which have received high recognition and compliments regarding to the professional service, technical proficiency as well as certification result.

Testing Resources:

The testing resources CQC possesses include CQC-Trusted Testing Technology Co.,Ltd., CCIC Southern Testing Co.,Ltd., CQC In-time Testing Technology Co.,Ltd., Guangdong Testing Institute of Product Quality Supervision etc., covering the scope of energy storage battery, power conversion system and energy storage system etc..

Catalogue of Energy Storage & Power Electronics Products Certification Launched by CQC:

lead-carbon battery, lithium ion battery, power conversion system, battery management system,power electronic capacitor,energy storage battery,super power capacitors for energy storage in power sector, battery cable for electric energy storage system, lithium ion battery pack used in solar street lamps, lithium ion cell and battery used in portable electric equipment.

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