Green product certification is a nationally promoted product certification by State Administration of Market Regulation. Within its lifecycle, green product always conforms the environmental requirements, has no harm or little harm to the eco-environment and human health, consumes less energy and is of high quality.

In 2020, CNCA issued the first certification implementation rules for green product certification. The products that are in the list of green product certification can apply for certification in accordance with the green product evaluation system and the implementation rules of green product certification.

As one of the first qualified certification bodies for green product certification in China, CQC can provide green product certification services for enterprises nationwide, covering furniture, textile products, wood-plastic products, paper and paper products, and solar water heating systems, paint, ceramic tile, waterproof-sealing material, heat-insulating material, sanitary ware, wood-based panel and flooring.

Green product certification will promote the transformation of people’s way of consumption and production, contributing to environment protection by market regulation. The public would turn to buying green as a fashion and push enterprises to produce green products for profits.

Through green product certification, it is of great help to increase green product supply, guide green production and consumption, improve the quality and efficiency of green development, strengthen the public satisfaction. CQC as the nationally promoted body for green product certification, will remain committed to green development, and inject strong vitality to green product certification and ecologically harmonious society.

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