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CQC IECRE PV Certification System

With the purpose to facilitate international trade in equipment and services in the field of renewable energy, the IEC Conformity Assessment Board issued a resolution in June 2014, authorizing the establishment of the International Electro-technical Commission Renewable Energy Certification System, or IECRE. Following IECEE, IECQ and IECEx, IECRE becomes the fourth Conformity Assessment system.

IECRE system is in pursuit of developing high-quality international standards, building a renewable energy certification system unified globally. It boosts the world-wide adoption of certification results, promoting the facilitation of international trade and making one certificate accessible across the globe.

IECRE PV project certification system will establish a set of scientific rules and procedures about the assessment and certification of PV power plant which cover all stages in the development of power plants to ensure a unified certification. IECRE PV project certification system contribute to the recognition of certification results by stakeholders, playing an important role in guaranteeing the safety of power plants, enhancing the industrial quality development, lowering financial risks ,improving financial services.

IECRE PV PV power plant certification designed relevant certificate system and technical requirement for different stages of a program, building an effective link among different certificates and shaping a complete set of program for the testing, inspection and certification of PV products.

CQC is a certification and inspection body under the IECRE system, joining the first batch of international organizations qualified for testing, inspection, certification on PV and wind-energy, the two major fields in IECRE system.

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