In order to facilitate the international trade of equipment and services in the field of renewable energy, IEC Conformity Assessment Bureau passed a resolution in June 2014 to approve the establishment of the Renewable Energy Certification System of International Electro-technical Commission, namely IECRE. IECRE system carried the purpose of adopting the quality international standard, establishing and operating an internationally- recognized certification system of renewable energy. It aims for a global-wide adoption of the certification results, driving global trade with a certificate accessible worldly.

IECRE wind energy certification system will establish a set of rules and procedures covering the assessment and certification of products and wind-power farm projects. But for concerns of the complexity in the wind energy certification system, IECRE gradually refines the whole certification system through clarification sheet and operation document. The globally unified implementation of this certification promote the recognition of certification results among stakeholders, played an important role in ensuring the security of the wind power industry, elevating the quality management of industry, lowering fiscal risks and boosting the financial services.

IECRE wind energy certification system has designed relevant certificate systems, technical requirements and issued certificate of compliance for wind energy products and projects in accordance with the corresponding development stages, shaping into a complete set of program for testing and certificating products and projects concerning wind-energy

CQC is the organization responsible for certification and inspection under the system of IECRE, listed as one of the first group of bodies qualified for testing, inspecting and certificating PV and wind-energy products.

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