Water footprint refers to the total amount of water resources needed for all products and services consumed or produced by any known population (a country, a region or a person) in a certain period of time.

Water footprint is a tool for studying water consumption in natural and social cycles. Water footprints provide powerful insights for businesses to understand their water-related business risk, for governments to understand the role of water in their economy and water dependency, and for consumers to know how much water is hidden in the products they use. Most importantly, they help drive strategic action toward sustainable, efficient and equitable water use and therefore foster technology innovation to achieve water conservation and pollution control.

CQC has developed and launched the water footprint evaluation service. The specific information is as follows:

1. Water footprint evaluation process

Evaluation model: “document review + factory inspection + data accounting”. The basic steps of water footprint evaluation include:

Application acceptance, document review, factory inspection, water footprint calculation, approval of water footprint evaluation and issue certificates and reports.

2. Water footprint evaluation references

CQC92-181301-2017 “Water Footprint Evaluation Implementation Rules” and CQC9222-2017 “Water Footprint Evaluation Technical Specifications”.

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