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Compact Prover

The compact prover is also a precise instrument used for calibrating flow meters.

It consists of a flow meter that will send commands to the small volume prover, therefore the calibration by compact prover is done electronically.

Our compact prover is specially designed to be mobile, allowing us to carry out on-site calibration of our customer flow meters.

Master Meter

Master meters are meters that have extremely good repeatability and have high precision to be used as a reference during the calibration of a flow meter.

The calibration of flowmeters using master meter method is an efficient way for calibration as it can be done in-situ (meter under test does not need to be removed). They can also be installed on trolleys to move them around easily.

CCIC E&M has a range of master meters to suit the different needs of each client. They are different in sizes, minimum and maximum flowrates and are also used for different applications.

Prover Tanks

Prover tanks is an open volumetric calibrating reference (not closed loop).

The calibration using prover tank can also be done in-situ with another flow meter. Prover tanks are made precisely and can be used to calibrate liquid flow meters, or vehicle tanks with a high degree of accuracy and reliability.

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