Tank Calibration Cover


Storage Tank
  • Cone Roof Tank
  • Dome Roof Tank
  • Floating Roof Tank
  • Spherical Tank
  • Horizontal Tank
  • Oil Terminal Pipeline
Ship Tank
  • Ship Cargo Tank
  • Ship Slop Tank
  • Bunker Barge Tank

3D Laser Scanner Leica P20

We do 3D laser scanning for tank calibration purposes. High speed laser scanners (to 1 million points per second) in automatic mode measure horizontal and vertical angles and distances to any visible point of the tank in non-reflective (non-contact) mode.

3D Laser Scanner RTC 360

We can scan and capture  everything that is around within its line of sight. Perform scanning at multiple location and create precise 3D tank models.

Total Station Leica TS15

We also do Electro Optical Distance Ranging Method to measure tank shell profile from bottom to top ring. Establish a reference target and reference angle to compute the diameter of every shell course.

Verification on ATG & MST

We also verify on tank gauge instrument like Automatic Tank Gauge system and Multiple Spot Thermometer by calibrated gauging tape and Thermoprobe to measure level of product and its temperature inside the storage tank

3D Tank Image Modelling

All captured data according to its X,Y,Z coordination of the points on the surface are immediately calculated and saved into a file in the device’s memory. Measured data are immediately analyzed by a dedicated software that outputs accurate tank gauge tables. 

Cooperating With Nanyang Technologocal University Singapore

We work closely with NTU Singapore to develop a program for volume computation on regular or irregular ship shape. Tank volume, trim correction and list correction will be computed automatically and accurately 

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