ballast water sampling and analysis


CCIC Singapore Pte Ltd environmental services conduct ballast water sampling as part of our range of services to ensure a safe marine environment.

The ballast water used on ships can transport unwanted marine species and microorganisms that can harm native ecosystems. It can also become contaminated and pollute fishing waters with sediment and stagnant waste. Ballast water sampling followed up by detailed analysis is the only way to ensure your shipping activities are being conducted in a safe and clean way.

We sample your ballast water in preparation for detailed analysis as part of our range of services to offer you cost-effective ways to prevent marine pollution as per IMO adopted BWM.2/Circ 70 rev.1 Guidance for the commissioning testing of BWMS. The IMO D-2 standard basic sampling parameters include: temperature, salinity, organic matter, chlorophyll, discharge and sediment, zoo and phytoplankton. We can monitor healthy plankton and marine life levels according to international environmental standards.

We also carry out independent verification for the performance, cost effectiveness and safety of commercial technologies and biological treatments employed in ballast water control and treatment to comply with US EPA VGP 2013 requirements. Our analyses inform the design of treatments to minimize environmental damage, avoid future costs and control ballast water management solutions.

With our worldwide sampling and testing laboratories you are never far from our accredited and internationally renowned laboratory.

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