Diesel Exhausted Fluid (DEF)_adblue_testing


To reduce emissions from diesel engines, especially nitrogen oxides (NOx), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technologies are used. SCR requires a high-quality diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), also known as AUS 32 & AUS 40 (aqueous urea solution), to treat exhaust gases and remove harmful pollutants, especially nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

AUS 32 consists of a high purity 32.5% solution of urea in water and is stored in its own tank in the car. Whereas AUS 40 consists of  high purity 40% solution of urea in water and applicable for marine engine and boiler exhaust. Its widespread introduction coincided with the current Euro 6 emissions standards, which are part of ever more stringent emissions targets that diesel engine manufacturers are now required to meet.

The “AdBlue” trade name, which is registered by the German car manufacturers association (Verband der Automobilindustrie, VDA). VDA issues licenses to any manufacturers of AUS 32 wishing to use the trade name AdBlue. However, to maintain the quality of AdBlue, all licensees must adhere to ISO 22241 and ISO 18611 standards.

CCIC Singapore provides the following tests in accordance with ISO-22241-2(AUS32) & ISO-18611(AUS40) standards.


NoTest ItemUnitLimitMethod
1Urea Content% mass31.8-33.2ISO 22241-2 Annex B
ISO 22241-2 Annex C
2Refractive Index (nD20)1.3814-1.3843ISO 22241-2 Annex C
3Alkalinility as NH3% mass0.2 MaxISO 22241-2 Annex D
4Biuret% mass0.3 MaxISO 22241-2 Annex E
5Aldehydesmg/kg5.0 MaxISO 22241-2 Annex F
6Insoluble mattermg/kg20 MaxISO 22241-2 Annex G
7Phosphate (PO4)mg/kg0.5 MaxISO 22241-2 Annex I
8Aluminiummg/kg0.5 MaxISO 22241-2 Annex I
9Calciummg/kg0.5 MaxISO 22241-2 Annex I
10Chromiummg/kg0.2 MaxISO 22241-2 Annex I
11Coppermg/kg0.2 MaxISO 22241-2 Annex I
12Ironmg/kg0.5 MaxISO 22241-2 Annex I
13Potassiummg/kg0.5 MaxISO 22241-2 Annex I
14Magnesiummg/kg0.5 MaxISO 22241-2 Annex I
15Sodiummg/kg0.5 MaxISO 22241-2 Annex I
16Nickelmg/kg0.2 MaxISO 22241-2 Annex I
17Zincmg/kg0.2 MaxISO 22241-2 Annex I


NoTest ItemUnitLimitMethod
1Urea Content% mass39.0-41.0ISO 18611-2 Annex B
ISO 18611-2 Annex C
2Density @ 20°Ckg/m31105-1177ISO 12185
3Refractive Index (nD20)1.3947-1.3982ISO 18611-2 Annex C
4Insoluble mattermg/kg50 MaxISO 18611-2 Annex G
5Alkalinity as NH3% mass0.5 MaxISO 18611-2 Annex D
6Biuret% mass0.8 MaxISO 18611-2 Annex E
7Aldehydesmg/kg100 MaxISO 18611-2 Annex F
8Phosphate (PO4)mg/kg1.0 MaxISO 22241-2 Annex I
9Calciummg/kg1.0 MaxISO 18611-2 Annex I
10Ironmg/kg1.0 MaxISO 18611-2 Annex I
11Potassiummg/kg1.0 MaxISO 18611-2 Annex I
12Magnesiummg/kg1.0 MaxISO 18611-2 Annex I
13Sodiummg/kg1.0 MaxISO 18611-2 Annex I
14IdentityPassISO 18611-2 Annex J
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