Choosing the right and optimal combination of blending components to produce a petroleum product that meets every bit of trade specification is a key economic issue for traders and refiners. Blending is quite complex in nature if it can be understood that fuels, especially automotive could have possibly come from more than ten different hydrocarbon streams, everyone of these streams having a bearing on the quality of the fuel and its specification.

In order for blending to be successful, following is critical:-

blending expert

Having experienced chemists with terrific knowledge on the chemistry of components and their compabilities;

lab infrastructure

World-class testing infrastructure to perform trial blends under strictly controlled environments; and

blending activity

Knowledgeable and expert Surveyors to oversee blending activities in the field.

CCIC has the required talent pool and the infrastructure to provide complex blending solutions for all your petroleum products to meet trade specifications and various countries’ regulations, thus adding great value to your business. Gasoline, gasoil and fueloil blending requires extensive knowledge of not just petroleum chemistry in order to create near-perfect paper blends in controlled atmosphere, but also intimate knowledge on terminal tankage, lines and pump systems; ship loading systems etc., which CCIC can provide reliably and efficiently. Whilst intricate knowledge is required to create blends, it becomes a significant challenge to ensure the physical blending follows the established ratios correctly, as components can be blended through different processes – each challenging and requires great expertise for efficient blending – such as in-line blending through a manifold system, or batch blending in tanks; or onboard blending into marine vessels.

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