CCIC can provide a wide range of training programs on a variety of topics related to petroleum commodity, from inspection to cargo reconciliation to product quality, inlcuding their specifications, tests significance, hydrocarbon properties, blending exercises, and other customizable topics. Best of all, these can be delivered at an independent and convenient location or on-site, or at a CCIC office around the world.

CCIC Singapore can organise and conduct courses in Oil Blending for Gasoline, Fuel Oil, Gas Oil, Jet A1 and their related quality problems. These courses are specially catered for Operations Personnel, Oil Traders, Refinery operations, Bunker Operators, Airport Personnel, Petroleum Executives and all others who are keen in advancing their knowledge in petroleum products tests and its significance.

Typical training programs we conduct are as follows:-

  • Diesel Fuel: specifications, tests significance, hydrocarbon properties, blending exercises, biodiesel as fuel
  • Gasoline: significance of tests and blending aspects of gasoline
  • Residual Fuel and Bunker: test significance, blending essentials and case study
  • Jet A1: Latest AFQRJOS, tests significance, hydrocarbon properties, contamination, solution and case study
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