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Oil Condition Monitoring is the process of monitoring critical parameters of the lubricating oil used in machinery with a view to identify changes which is in turn indicative of a developing faults in the machinery. It is a major component of preventive maintenance. Periodical condition monitoring of used oils and lubricants prevents unexpected failures and avoid its costly consequences. This program has a unique benefit in that conditions that would shorten normal lifespan can be addressed before they develop into a major failure. For example a high silicon content in the lubricant indicates contamination of grit etc., and high iron levels indicate wearing components.

At CCIC, with the help of state-of-art-equipment, chiefly spectrographic oil analysis, metals and other contaminants collected by the lubricating oil can be detected, providing an early warning of potential problems by providing an accurate snap-shot of what’s happening inside expensive machinery such as engines, generators, compressors, gearboxes and other hydraulic systems. Furthermore lubricating oils work through demanding conditions and are exposed to high pressures, temperatures and other undesirable factors such as water contamination, corrosion and foreign ingested particles. Scheduled lubricant quality testing coupled with expert diagnosis can prevent expensive component or system failures resulting in unscheduled maintenance and downtimes.

Our experienced and expert chemists review oil condition analysis results and diagnose them to give an accurate picture of the oil and its health. Whilst an indication of higher contamination can suggest remedial actions, thus saving precious downtime and inconvenience, the opposite is also possible when wearing is found minimal thus extending the service interval or the life of the oil itself. Whatever be the case, you can rest easy with CCIC’s expertise in providing you with fast, accurate & reliable results and comprehensive diagnosis that can be interpreted by facility management personnel to preserve the operating health of the machinery.

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