CCIC Singapore has been authorized by AQSIQ (the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of People’s Republic of China) to engage in pre-shipment inspection of used mechanical and electrical products (referred to as used machinery) to be exported to China. The certificate and report issued by CCIC Singapore are the necessary documents when the applicant applies for importing procedure to local CIQ.

CCIC Singapore is well-equipped in terms of knowledge and experience in the business of exporting used machinery to China, including related laws and regulations, the China policy, safety and environmental protection, and inspection standards. True to our promise to provide customers with impartial, accurate and swift services, rest assured that we can help you to speed up the process of importing used machinery to China in compliance with the requirements of Chinese technical specifications and other related procedures.

The pre-shipment inspection of used machinery is categorized into two types:

  1. Inspection of used mechanical and electrical products and recycle materials which are appointed by the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China
  2. Other appointed inspections.

Used mechanical and electrical products refer to one of the following:

  1. Used mechanical and electrical products which have already been used, but products are still of basic function and value;
  2. Used mechanical and electrical products which have not been used yet, but their expiry date has been over-due;
  3. Used mechanical and electrical products which have not been used yet, but certain components have shown material loss;
  4. Mechanical and electrical products assembled with new and old components
  5. Large-scale full set of second-hand mechanical and electrical products

The job flow of used machinery pre-shipment inspection is as follows:


1Prepare Registration Record:

Chinese importer or consignee should apply for the “Registration record of pre-shipment inspection for importing used machinery”  from AQSIQ (General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China) or CIQ (China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau) at destination ports.

(2) Submit application

The applicant applies to CCIC Singapore for pre-shipment inspection. Application documents include the “Registration record of pre-shipment inspection for importing used machinery” and “List of importing used machinery” which are issued by AQSIQ or CIQ, and the “Application Form of Used Machinery Pre-shipment Inspection” issued by CCIC Singapore.

The application should be completed with signature and company stamp, especially the “Payment Particulars” should be filled in English. The application form and related documents should be scanned and sent to CCIC Singapore by email. CCIC Singapore reserves the right to reject application or issue certificate to applicant who provides false, inaccurate or incomplete information.


CCIC Singapore would confirm whether the application content and associated documents meet the requirements,  prepare the quotation and notify the applicant by e-mail in accordance with the application materials within 2 working days. The quotation includes inspection fees, travel expenses of the inspectors, and the certificate mailing fees.


Applicant acknowledges the quotation, arrange payment and send the bank transfer slip by e-mail to CCIC Singapore.

5Negotiate inspection date:

CCIC Singapore would negotiate date of inspection and other related matters with the applicant for the final confirmation of inspection, and draw up a inspection plan. If the applicant wants CCIC Singapore to perform the inspection on a specific date, he/she should make appointment at least 7 days in advance.

6On-site inspection and initial report:

In accordance with the mandatory requirements of the Chinese laws and regulations and technical standards, CCIC Singapore shall conduct pre-shipment inspection mainly on the safety, sanitation and environmental protection projects of the used machinery, and verifies equipment consistency with regard to the name of machinery, quantity, model No, place of origin, date of manufacturing and manufacturer based on the registration form and list. A destination-Inspection by China CIQ will be taken when the Used Machinery arrives at China port, and the inspection result by China CIQ will be the final.

It is preferred that machine is still fully assembled and can be powered on for operational inspection otherwise the applicant should inform CCIC Singapore by email in advance. Regarding the packed goods, the packing material inside/outside must be removed, or the inspection cannot be finished.

The applicant is required to ensure the inspection can be conducted smoothly and in a safe manner.  Field representative during the on-site inspection should be ready to provide printed technical information such as equipment operating manuals, maintenance manuals / records and equipment management record etc.

After the completion of the on-site inspection, field inspectors will issue site inspection memo within 3 working days, and determine the initial eligibility of the inspection results according to the on-site inspection.


For on-site failed inspection, the inspector will promptly notify the applicant / shipper, and usually require the applicant / shipper  to submit technical processing  report or rectification planning within 30 days after the on-side  inspection.

8Rectification  audit:

CCIC Singapore will complete the audit work of the rectification within 2 working days after receiving the technical processing report or rectification planning.

9On-side Confirmation:

If necessary, CCIC Singapore would arrange on-site verification within 5 working days, to check and confirm the results of the inspection technical processing or rectification planning eligibility. Failed for the result of technical processing or rectification planning, the applicant must redo the technical processing or submit the rectification planning until qualified.

10Issue certificates and reports:

Inspection certificate and report will be completed after customer provides all the necessary files (such as supporting material or technical processing report / rectification planning, etc.) (Note: the speed of the materials provided by applicants will directly affect the speed of the completion of the certificate). After the review, the certificate and report will be submitted to the authorized signatory for approval, and will be issued within 5 working days. The inspection certificates are generally 1 original and 3 copies, the inspection reports are 1 original and 1 copy. If customers have special requirements, please contact us in advance.

11Mail certificates and reports:

After issuance of certificates and reports and confirmation of payment, CCIC Singapore will send out the certificates and reports within 2 working days to the applicant and CIQ in China in accordance with the corresponding stipulations of local CIQ.

12When result cannot be qualified:

For technical processing cannot be carried out or rectification planning cannot be submitted , and eventually cannot meet the inspection requirements, CCIC Singapore will issue “Unqualified report of pre-shipment inspection for used machinery and notify the applicant company and the related CIQ.

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about pre-shipment inspection of used machinery, please click here.

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