CCIC became a full member of the TIC Council

Approved by the Board of the TIC Council, CCIC has become a full member of the TIC Council since January 1, 2021. The TIC Council stated that the joining of the CCIC is a milestone in the development of the TIC Council in China. It is hoped that the group will play a greater role in the development of the industry, make more contributions, and build the TIC Council into a more extensive international organization.

CCIC officially launched the relevant work of joining the TIC Council in November 2018, and submitted a formal membership application to the TIC Council in July 2020. After preliminary verification by the Council Secretariat, external verification and a vote by the TIC Council’s board of directors, it became an official member. This indicates that CCIC has entered a new stage of development as a “first in China and well-known in the world” international inspection and certification enterprise group, and has a greater international voice in the industry.

The Global Testing and Certification Council (TIC Council) is the most influential international organization in the inspection, testing and certification industry. It is the spokesperson of the global independent testing, inspection and certification industry. Its members come from more than 90, Including the world’s most influential and international industry institutions and organizations, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.