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Whether mined, refined or manufactured metals, minerals and ores, CCIC DO Brazil can certify their true intrinsic value by independently inspecting, sampling and testing. We have qualified and experienced Inspectors and Chemists who can deliver reliable and quality results. So if your interest lies in ores, concentrates, finished steel, coal and coke or ferro-alloys, trust CCIC to assist you in achieving a commercial settlement which truly represents the value of the consignment.

Our services include:

  • Stockpile survey
  • Stock and warehouse audits
  • Loading and Discharging survey
  • Visual inspections
  • Precision weighing by weighbridge or high precision balances
  • Representative sampling
  • Draft surveys
  • Moisture determination
  • Supervision of unpacking, loading and discharge
  • Vessel hatch/hold inspection
  • Contractual advice
  • Security audits
  • Party and umpire testing



iStock_000004979676MediumPre-shipment inspection is offered to exporters and importers and comprises a detailed inspection of equipment or materials after manufacture, but prior to shipment. The scope includes Quantity & Quality, Packing & Marking and Supervision of Loading. A Certificate of Inspection can be provided against a Letter of Credit and authorized by a Chamber of Commerce.

We also offer a host of specifically developed sampling techniques to ensure an accurate representation of the cargo is taken. Our skilled staff can oversee the drawing of these samples, or take them manually if required.


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