CCIC DO Brazil | Monitoring & Audit 

The Monitoring and Audit Division of CCIC DO Brazil aims to mitigate the agricultural risks for financing agents in the agribusiness segment. We monitor all phases of production, from the conference of agricultural areas, until the audit of inventories, analysing the qualitative and quantitative issues, to provide trusty information for the contractors.

Our Monitoring and Audit services includes:

  • Geo-information for the audited areas (using GPS and Google Earth).
  • Conference of the agricultural areas in guarantees.
  • Agronomic analysis of the crops.
  • Productivity and production estimates, for credit performance.
  • Temporal analysis of the harvest period – Monitoring the schedule of the harvest stages.
  • Monitoring Harvest flows, product traceability and audit of inventories.
  • Standardized reports, including all information described above, can also be modified according to specific demand.


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