CCIC DO Brazil | Port Operations 


The Port Operation Division of CCIC DO Brazil deals with diverse agriculture-commodities such as soybean meal, sugar, wheat, soybeans, corn. The use of modern instrumentation and skilled personnel allows us to offer first class services, reliable and fast at any stage of the processes of import or export requiring quality supervision.

Our Agriculture Inspection services include:

  • iStock_000004122220MediumLoading and discharge supervision
  • Supervision of weighing
  • Contractual sampling and sealing
  • Temperature control
  • Draught survey and tank gauging
  • Hold inspections
  • Tally control
  • Storage management and stock control
  • Damage surveys
  • Testing and analysis

CCIC DO Brasil also acts on containerized cargo inspections for general cargoes and agriculture-commodities.

Our containers service include:

  • Inspection of containers prior to stuffing and un-stuffing.
  • Record, tally and condition of cargoes during stuffing and un-stuffing.
  • Cross-docking inspections.
  • Inspection of damaged containers and supervision of repairs and post-repairs.
  • Inspection during loading and discharge of containers from vessel.



The Container Division of CCIC DO Brazil deals with products such as: cotton, sugar, coffee, corn etc. and operates in the area of import and export in various ports such as: Santos (SP), Paranaguá (PR), Itajai (SC), Salvador (BA) among others, offering the following services for monitoring discharge.

  • iStock_000004979676MediumInspection of container
  • Tracking Container Stuffing
  • Supervision weighing
  • Conference visual quality of load
  • Withdrawal of samples
  • Clean Bale o Preparation Worksheet weight
  • Preparation of packing list
  • Certificate Issuance




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